Art of Application Podcasts

Sprayer maintenance and set up is an essential component of accurate application and achieving the best possible results from spray applications.

In this first series of GreenCast Art of Application podcasts, Syngenta Application Specialist, Tom Robinson, provides clear and practical advice to help operators set-up, check and maintain their sprayer.

Sprayer Checks

Tom Robinson gives a guided tour of a typical turf sprayer and highlights the key points to look out for to ensure smooth and efficient operation - along with some pratcical tips and ideas to improve performance.

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Sprayer Calibration

Accurate sprayer calibration before you start is essential to achieve the right application rate. Tom Robinson gives a clear and logical process to enable all spray operators to easily set up the sprayer and regularly check the results.

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Nozzle Wear

As sprayer nozzles wear application rates will change and could compromise the efficacy of all treatments. Tom Robinson highlights what you should be looking out for, how to check sprayer accuracy and what to do about it.

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Syngenta would like to thank TV presenter Lucy Lightfoot and Bearwood Lakes Golf Club for their assistance in the making of these GreenCast Art of Application podcasts.