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Brown Patch

Brown Patch is not very common but it is most frequently seen on close mown areas

Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot lesions on leaves are a pale, bleached colour. Small (dollar size) spots

Fairy Rings

The term 'fairy ring' is used to describe a number of turf grass diseases where soil

Fusarium Patch

Fusarium Patch can be a devastating disease on fine turf surfaces as the patches may

Take-All Patch

Take-all patch symptoms begin as a slight reddening or bronzing of bentgrass usually

Leaf Spot

Severe infection may thin the sward, cause dieback and leave patches with weak turf

Red Thread

Found on any area of turf, especially golf greens, tees, fairways, bowling greens

Seedling Diseases

Seedling diseases may be caused by many fungi including Microdochium nivale (Fr.)

Yellow Tuft

Small spots 1-3 cm in diameter of yellowed densely tillered plants with shortened

Waitea Patch

Waitea Patch

Common in South Africa and becoming more common in the UK