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Early and accurate identification of disease is an essential element of managing attacks and preventing damage. Spotting and identifying disease on your more susceptible areas of turf, is a key indicator of rising pressure and risk. That can enable earlier intervention with pro-active measures or fungicide application, to prevent a widespread outbreak.


With changing climatic conditions and turf management practices, the frequency, severity and even the disease pathogens are adapting. Outbreaks of different diseases now occur at different times, often on different areas.


This Syngenta turf disease identification guide is designed to help spot symptoms early, assess risk and manage them more effectively. Accurate disease ID is essential for integrated turf management programmes. Cultural controls to alleviate one disease, could create the conditions to encourage another. This guide includes tips and advice for both the cultural ITM reduction of disease pressure, along with fungicide advice that is a key element of control. On each page you’ll also find a quick link to the Syngenta turf website, for further information and advice.


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