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Warm weather has witnessed bumblebees start to emerge for the spring. If you have seen any bumblebee activity around the course, send us a picture you will receive an insect net, especially designed to safely catch bees for identification and release.

Simply email your picture to [email protected] - with your name, golf club and contact details.

We would also welcome any other details about what you are doing to encourage pollinating insects and biodiversity around the course - including if you are already participating in Operation Pollinator.

Your pictures will be published on GreenCast, as an inspiration to others to get involved.

See some of the pictures already sent in here, but we welcome any more and any details.

Caroline Carroll, Syngenta Operation Pollinator project manager reminds that it is also a good idea to put the information and pictures into club newsletters for members. "It highlights the great initiatives greenkeepers are doing," she says, "and gives players pride in belonging to a club that really cares about the environment and local ecology."


This queen Bombus terrestris was spotted out in the sun in Berkshire this week (27 February). Queen bumblebees that have overwintered in underground nests emerge on warm days. Early sources of pollen and nectar are vital to start building reserves and the annual process of creating a viable and healthy colony; providing early flowering plants can really help them.


Email your bumblebee or other insect pictures to Caroline at: [email protected] to win one of these folding insect nets - and look out for news of other greenkeepers' success.