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Lighting rig on football stadia
New STRI research is investigating agronomy techniques to ensure the best possible results from high cost investnent in lighting rigs for turf

Syngenta and ICL are putting shady growth under the spotlight at STRI Research 2018 – with a new trial to find out how to get the best out of supplementary lighting for turf growth and surface recovery.

Join us to see the implications of this trial, and loads more latest turf research, at

STRI Research 2018, Bingley, Yorkshire

19 – 20 Sepember

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The use of mobile light rigs is now an integral part of sports turf management – primarily in stadiums, but also moving out onto the golf course. 

STRI Research Live offers the chance to see how you can make the best of lighting now, and see how it might work for you in the future.

The Yorkshire trials site is pioneering scientific evaluation of new techniques.

STRI lighting trials site - Bingley

Many facilities already use supplementary light to maintain sward density and surface quality. The technology can reduce the impact of shade regions within stadia, along with assisting in over-seeding and recovery of worn areas during the season.   

Alongside supplementary lighting, the use of tailored nutritional inputs and plant growth regulation can better prepare resilient turf and high quality playing surfaces.

The combined ICL and Syngenta trial data will help provide an insight into integrated sports surface management under mobile lighting rigs, to optimise plant growth regulation and supplementary turf nutrition.


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