1st Turf Biostimulant
from Syngenta

proven by Syngenta Turf Science:


Unique 18 
Amino Acid 

Only from 

Hicure BUILDS plant energy and PROTECTS plant cells for faster RECOVERY.

Hicure Turf Biostimulant is a unique formulation of 18 amino acids.

Proven by science, Hicure can help sustain balanced growth, density and colour whatever stress or unforeseen challenges you face.

BUILDS plant energy to sustain growth

  • Conserves plant energy lost through N assimilation and protein turnover
  • Provides direct source of energy which can be immediately utilized by the plant
  • Growth is balanced through supply of a nature and organic source of N

PROTECTS and strengthens cells to fight stress

  • Free aminos can rapidly enter the leaf and protect cells
  • Hicure strengthens cell walls and delivers osmo protection to protect against osmotic stress

RECOVERS faster from turf damage

  • Hicure aids recovery from damage and scars
  • kkImproved playability and more consistent surfaces

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Hicure unique formulation.
proven by Syngenta science

Proven Performance of Hicure

  • More than 4 years of studies
  • 6 turf species: Agrostis stolonifera, Poa annnua, Lolium perenne, Festuca arundinacea, Festuca rubra, Poa pratensis
  • More than 40 trials to date assessing:
  • Heat stress
  • Drought stress
  • Diseases stess
  • Herbicide damage


Hicure boosts energy to increase seedling development

Perennial rye grass showed 0% boost seedling development after 3 application of Hicure.


Hicure protects turf from heat stress damage.

Bent grass showed 50% less damaged when pre-treated with Hicure.


Hicure promoted fast recovery from turf damage.

Bent grass showed significant recovery benefit when treated with Hicure.


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Inside Hicure.
Hicure is a unique formulation of free amino acids and short and long chain peptides that balance our turfs imediate and longterm needs.

Each amino acid plays a key part in turf performance 

Amino Acids Role
hydroxyl proline
  • Acts as a anti oxidant, and protects against damage from free radicals. A strong osmolyte protecting cells from osmotic stress. 
  • Forms glycine betaine, a potent osmolyte providing osmo protection
  • Precursor to chlorophyll production
Glutamic acid
  • Building block of all other amino acids
  • Precursor to chlorophyll
  • Key role in N assimilation
  • Alanine is precursor to plant hormones.
  • Increases tolerance to drought stress 

Free amino acids:

18 different free amino acids immediately available to the turf to protect cells from stress. These also conserve plant energy by providing an organic N source, this the requirement for uptake from soil which is energy demanding.

Short chain peptides:

Absorbed more slowly and then as needed converted into amino acids or proteins as needed over 7 to 10 days. Proteins have many important functions in the plant.

Long chain peptides:

These can be considered as slow-release peptides, extending a positive residual effect on the soil and being absorbed into the plant over a period of weeks.

Osmo-protection with Hicure.
Hicure contains high strength and glycine to strengthen cells and protect against osmotic stress caused by heat, drought and ice formation.

With Hicure

proline and glycine betaine act as osmolytes to maintain osmotic potential

Without Hicure

Drought, heat and ice formation increases salt concentration and draws water out

Year-round performance with Hicure.
Hicure can be used year-round to improve autumn and winter quality, enhance spring recovery and pre-summer for pre-stress conditioning.

Turf faces tough challenges right through the year.

Environmental impacts of weather are compounded by the rigours of essential everyday management along with the wear and damage caused by play.


Over winter damage

Low energy reserves

Low pigment levels


Drought/drying winds

Light and heat

Shorter HOC decline in root mass and high wear


Slowing but variable growth

Less photosynthesis

Lower nutritional inputs


Slow/no growth

Low photosynthesis / depleting energy

Frost damage

When to apply Hicure.
Apply during active turf growth before stress appears.

Spring - recover from winter stress, build conditioning to help get the optimum playing surface earlier.

Summer - maintain playability. Prevent summer stress from heat and drought. Sustain turf quality during stressful summer conditions.

Hicure can dovetail perfectly with regular summer Primo Maxx conditioning programmes.

Autumn - prepare for winter and mange though cold/frost and low light stress conditions.



Guidelines for optimum results.

  • » Use in programmes every two to four weeks, start before stress expected
  • » Use higher rates for monthly intervals and when conditions are more challenging
  • » Tank mix with Primo Maxx in spring - summer
  • » Can be tank mixed with fungicides if required
  • » Apply in 200-400 liters of water per hectare
  • » Maintain good ITM practices, including aeration & nutrition

Boost your turf's natural energy and protect against stress:

  • Improve turf quality
  • Increase turf density
  • Enhance colour
  • Recover from damage


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