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Managing turf under lockdown - See the results

A new research project is set to provide crucial answers to the pressing questions of ‘Managing turf under lockdown.’

Instigated by Syngenta and ICL, at STRI in Yorkshire, the initiative will give an insight into the implications of lower intensity mowing regimes on fine turf surfaces, along with some of the techniques to more effectively manage growth.

Lockdown trial Week 8 CTS teaser

Week 8 - Moving on

Increased management pressure and stress brings more changes

Lockdown week 7 CTA

Week 7 - Drought stress

GDD intervals are racing by and turf in the Lockdown trial is coping well with heat...

STRI Trial Week 6 - CTA Teaser GDD

Week 6 - Revealing results

Week 6 of the trials and as cut heights reduce, the effects on colour are clearly seen...

Week 5 video screen CTA

Week 5 - More results pour in

As some courses begin to open the Lockdown Trial reveals new findings and adapts to...

CTA Teaser framed STRI trial aerial image

Week 4 - The Results are in

Week 3 showing healthy turf under reduced intensity mowing, but playability suffering...

STRI Primo trial week 2 CTA image

Week 3 - The Results

Week 2 of the Lockdown Trial starting to see some patterns emerging for growth...

Mark Ferguson STRI Primo Trial video

Week 2 - The Results

The first week's results are in, and whilst it's early days some useful...