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Operation Pollinator involvement provides a great opportunity to promote your club and the positive action of the greenkeeping team.


Operation Pollinator positive publicity options for golf clubs include:

Announce involvement in local newspapers and regional TV

Report sightings of rare bumblebees or other insects

Nominate a Club Member as an Operation Pollinator champion to report successes

Post information and updates on management and observations on noticeboards and the club website

Erect display boards on project plans and what to look out for in key areas

Invite the golf club youth section or local schools to get involved with management and monitoring

Get involved with local environmental groups to engage in monitoring

Encourage the Club Secretary to use Operation Pollinator involvement as a hook to attract new members

Submit photographs of attractive features and insects activity to local newspapers and TV

Engage with club members by using Operation Pollinator as a springboard for ecological initiatves


Operation Pollinator agreement

To get involved with the project and to gain full access to the technical support and marketing resources available to you and your club with Operation Pollinator, please download and complete the Operation Pollinator Agreement below and return to [email protected].

Clubs actively involved in Operation Pollinator and promoting the concepts of ecological habitat management in association with the project are permitted to use the Operation Pollinator logo for marketing purposes.


Club brochure
A brochure designed to encourage Club Secretaries and members to support and get involved with Operation Pollinator is available at the top right of this page for download. If you would like hardcopies, please email [email protected]


Club presentation
To further help you gain the support of Club Secretaries and committees in a commitment to Operation Pollinator we have created a simple presentation that you can download and use. The presentation can also be used in communicating the potential of Operation Pollinator with public audiences and club members. This is available online as a pdf (click on the image below), or if you require a PowerPoint that can be edited and customised for your club please email: [email protected].

This can also be used in conjunction with presentations from the Operation Pollinator Training Workshops, where further technical information and detail is requested. These presentations are available as pdf downloads here.


Press release template
Operation Pollinator has also created  with some key facts and ideas that can help publicise your club's involvement with the project to local newspapers and TV. Please download the template (top right) and copy and paste onto club headed paper and edit as necessary.


Newsletter article
Informing club members that you are actively involved in Operation Pollinator is an important part in generating enthusisim and commitment for what you are doing with the project, and in gaining their support for the greenkeeping team's efforts in all aspects of course management. We have created an article that you can use in any club newsletter, put on the website, pin on the notticeboard or use as the basis for any further communication you wish. Please also use the pictures and logo where appropriate. This is available as a pdf or an editable word document. 


Pictures and images
A selection of images to use on your club website in association with Operation Pollinator are available. High resolution versions will be sent to you within an Operation Pollinator Marketing Kit once you have submitted your completed agreement form to join the initiative. For website or presentation pictures right click on the image(s) below and 'Save as...'


There is also a wealth of information on Operation Pollinator at and a dedicated page for the golf project at