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Art of Application videos show the way to better spraying

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A new series of Syngenta Art of Application spray videos have been created specifically for turf industry operators to get then best from every spray application.

Presented by Technical Manager and spray application specialist, Glenn Kirby, they offer a combination of the science behind spraying technology and a series of practical top tips. It explains the principles of understanding the target and how to hit it, along with the practical advice to achieve accurate results.  

Topics include advice on which sprayer nozzle to select when setting up your pesticide sprayer. Comparisons of spray nozzle types, with the Syngenta XC nozzles and various options, such as Hypro nozzles, Lechler nozzles and flat fan nozzles, clearly show the differences operators can make.

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Click here to watch the Art of Application videos

“The latest turf protection products are capable of achieving exceptional results,” reports Glenn.

“But it is the skills of the sprayer operator and developments in application technology used that can ensure they get the best possible results."

“Understanding the fundamentals of the mechanics of spray application, recognizing the targets to be hit and the need for effective timing are all key elements of the Art of Application.”

Furthermore, Glenn pointed out that today's spray operator has to be ever more mindful of the essential area of spray stewardship, avoiding problems of waste and minimising risk to the environment.

“Turf sprayer operators face a number of unique challenges to achieve accurate and consistent results, often whilst under the close appraisal of a critical audience of players and public.”

The Syngenta Art of Application videos provide an invaluable insight for sprayer operators, turf managers and agronomists to further develop their understanding and skills to achieve better results with every application.   

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Click here to watch the Art of Application videos

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