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Get XC - Get Even


The new range of Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles offers a breakthrough for even application on turf surfaces.

XC Technology delivers:

  • Even spray coverage on undulating ground
  • Reduced spray drift
  • Enhanced all-round leaf coverage
  • Lower water volume operation

XC Nozzles have been specifically designed and engineered to resolve difficult issues with spraying golf courses and amenity turf - delivering eXtraCoverage of turf surfaces and improving results of all applications. XC Nozzles are available in 025, 04 and 08 sizes, to cover most applications in golf course and sports turf situations. 

The exclusive new XC Technology design, incorporating an elliptical shaped orifice and wide droplet pattern, ensures effective coverage if the nozzle spraying height is reduced when spraying over undulating ground. Trials have shown coverage remains consistent when spraying height is reduced to as low as 30cm.

Conventional nozzles are designed to provide an even spray coverage at a spraying height of 50cm, but the slopes, bumps and humps that are so integral to golf course design can seriously compromise coverage and spray product performance, warned Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson. "Trials with a sprayer operating at 30cm have shown flat fan nozzles may result in over 25% variation in coverage along the spray boom; the XC Nozzle can give far greater consistency, typically with less than 3% variability."

All of the XC Nozzle range utilise the acclaimed drift reducing air induction technology that has proven extremely effective in the existing Syngenta Turf Foliar Nozzle. Dr Watson reported that testing has shown the XC Nozzles produce just 3% of drift susceptible droplets (below, right section of boom), compared to up to 14% with conventional nozzles (left section of boom).

"The droplet spectrum is crucial to ensure good coverage and wetting of the leaf, without large droplets bouncing or rolling off. The XC Nozzles produce a greater number of droplets of a more consistent size, compared to other drift reducing nozzles, to ensure that more spray hits and is retained on the intended target." 

Minimising drift results in less risk of environmental loss, reduced operator exposure and helps to avoid criticism of spray application from players and public, added Dr Watson.

Furthermore, XC Nozzles feature a backward facing spray pattern, which has been designed to compensate for the forward movement of the sprayer. "Conventional nozzles typically deposit 50% more of the spray on the front of the leaf than the back. By angling the spray backwards (below), more of the spray now hits the back of the leaf, leading to better all-round coverage. The angle of the spray has been calculated to optimize the spraying speed of each of the XC Nozzle sizes," he advised.

Dr Watson added that the XC Technology and nozzle range could also enable water volumes to be reduced - increasing sprayer work rates and offering the potential to enhance product efficacy through better spray retention.

Click here to learn more about the physics of spray application and how the XC Nozzles have been engineered to resolve issues of turf application.

The XC Nozzles have been widely tested by independent specialists and in practical applications on golf courses, with very positive results and feedback. XC Nozzles will be available from ICL, Syngenta product distributors or click here to buy direct from the Syngenta GreeenCast website.