Turf sprayer nozzle calibration
Turf sprayer nozzle calibration

From 26 November 2016 new legislation came into effect which dictates that all mounted and pedestrian sprayers must comply with national testing scheme protocols.

The amenity sector is now subject to the same legislation and testing protocols as farm sprayers. Follow this decision tree to understand key timelines and testing requirements for your sprayer:

NSTS decison tree for sprayer testing requirements

Click on the image to download a copy.

You can find out more about what the test involves and what the scheme is looking to achieve on the NSTS website.

There is also a search facility on the NSTS site for you to find a testing service near you.

Sprayer testing to assure accuracy and reduce the risk of damaging accidents is an essential part of effective product stewardship and protecting product use for the future.

Key benefits of the NSTS

  • Ensure your sprayer equipment and products are being used in a manner that is safe for the sprayer operator
  • Improve accuracy of spray application
  • Reduce mid-season breakdowns
  • Be proactive in safeguarding the environment
  • Having your sprayer NSTS tested satisfies assurance demands

The test does incur a cost for the examiner and an annual registration charge. However, the potential savings from more accurate application could quickly recoup the cost, and deliver better results from every application to help produce consistently better turf quality. 

Download a pre-inspection check list here to ensure your sprayer is in top condition for the test. It's also a really good idea to routinely follow the check list to see everything is in order.

Knapsack sprayers are not subject to the testing legislation, but it still makes economic and environmental sense to ensure they are operating accurately and safely. With the widespread use of knapsack sprayers in the amenity sector it's an important area.

Commenting on the 26 November deadline, Professor John Moverley, chairman of the Amenity Forum said: “The implementation of the Sustainable Use Directive has increased the spotlight on the amenity sector and the need for efficient and effective spraying as part of an integrated approach to weed, pest and disease control.”

“Regular testing of spraying equipment is now mandatory for any operator mounted machine,” advised John.

“But is encouraged for all as part of best practice. In any case it makes economic sense.”

For more information you can also visit the Amenity Forum website.

The GreenCast Application Zone also has a host of information and video tutorials on sprayer set-up, calibration and testing.

Read more about the NSTS testing scheme here:

NSTS sprayer testing leaflet image