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Right Product; Right Time; Right Place

Spraying greens with XC Nozzles Ely City

Delivering the right product, at the right time, and in the right place is critical to getting the most out of your applications. Syngenta Technical Manager, Glenn Kirby, gives his top tips and pointers.

Product selection

Picking the appropriate product for the problem and the conditions:

Right Time Right Product Right Place Product timing


  • Long lasting contact fungicide
  • Active in leaf and thatch
  • Outstanding rainfastness


  • Contact and systemic
  • Curative and preventative
  • Reliable weatherproof protection


  • Unique broad spectrum disease control
  • Effective against foliar, crown and root infecting fungi
  • Systemic and translamminar
  • Absorbed through leaf; crown; shoot and roots


Targeted application

Utilising innovative application technology and operator’s skills

Right Time Right Product Right Place XC Nozzles

Using XC Nozzles will ensure consistent coverage over undulating surfaces encountered during turf applications, as well as significantly reducing the risk of drift when used in the optimum pressure range.

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Focused area

Accurate measurement will help ensure the right amount of product is delivered to the right area.

Right Time Right Product Right Place measuring greens

Measure your greens as you would spray them rather than measuring the outline; the difference between the two methods can be up to 15%.

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Right Product leaflet cover

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