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Syngenta stand at BTME 2022

There's lots of amazing new things to see and interesting topics to discuss on the Syngenta stand at BTME this year.

Stand 428 in the Purple Zone

This year, with the late March timing, we've focussed on some topics you can take home and use right now - along with an insight into some of the science you'll be using in the future.


A new look to keeping an eye on all the weather information you need for making turf management decisions. There's a huge resource of data and details, displayed as easy to view maps to show exactly what's going to hit over the coming hours and days. Everything is designed to give you all your need for turf weather. Just sign in to the SyngentaTurf website to get all the details.  Take a look at WeatherPro now.  You will have to be registered to view all the extra information, but it's free. 

Disease ID Guide

Make sure you know what you're up against. Download the Turf Disease Identification Guide, or click on the QR code on the stand to order your own copy of this invaluable handy pocket guide. If we charged for it, the guide would be a bestseller, only it's free from the stand.

GreenCast Turf App

Be among the first in the world to see and get the chance to download the new GreenCast Turf App. It's been totally transformed and updated with a host of new features at your fingertips to design and deliver effective Integrated Turf Management plans. 

Meet Sean

Sean Loakes is the new Syngenta Turf & Landscape Manager. Get to meet Sean and hear his plans for research and trials on new Syngenta solutions - and how you can get involved with some of the pioneering work to develop innovative industry approaches to turf management. 

Focus on FR321

With anthracnose now focussed as the Disease of the Year, find out how FR321 can help protect through some of the high stress periods when infection can flare up. With attacks occurring for longer through the summer season, see results of the latest Syngenta science research on stress management to minimise anthracnose risk.

On the Horizon

Glenn Kirby and Henry Bechelet have become legends in the length of their own podcasts. Now, whatever you're doing or wherever you are, you can listen to hours of their fascinating insights into agronomy topics and essential titbits for effective turf management over the coming months. And if you’ve missed any instalments, you can catch up with it all from links available on the stand. 

Application advances

Get a first look at a huge innovation in product packaging that will make handling easier and more secure - reducing risk of contamination and assuring accuracy of every fill. Also exciting developments in nozzle technology that could further reduce the risk of drift and making sure more of the valuable product hits the target.  

Broad-leaved weed survey

Help the industry understand the challenges of broad-leaved weeds and how you tackle them. Complete the simple survey and you could win a set of Syngenta XC Nozzles in the 04 size, perfect for fairway herbicide applications.

CONTINUE TO LEARN - Glenn Kirby will be presenting Understanding trial data ‑ how to read it and how to create your own on Monday 21 March at BTME. SIGN UP HERE or on the link below  

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Stand 428 in the Purple Zone