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Turf Rewards offers
The new Turf Rewards 2019 website is now available to register qualifying products and claim free offers

Turf Rewards 2019 is now open for greenkeepers and turf managers to claim their points, and convert them into essential tools for their businesses -  to further enhance turf quality and work performance.

Visit the new 2019 Turf Rewards website

This year there are some important new additions and upgrades to benefit from, along with a host of new qualifying ICL and Syngenta products and packages. A new look Turf Rewards website is also easier and faster to see what is available and to make claims.

Operated by ICL and Syngenta, Turf Rewards includes offers to improve turf quality, provide education, aid business management and enhance the environment.

View the Turf Rewards brochure to see what’s available

ICL Business Manager, Ed Carter, reported the popular scheme has continued to grow year-on-year. “Not only do people get great quality products, but there’s the opportunity to improve turf management, business performance and the whole team – at no added cost.

“Some of these tools may be difficult to justify directly from the turf management budget, but Turf Rewards makes them accessible and affordable.”  

Customers simply log their purchases of qualifying Syngenta and ICL products from any authorised distributor on the Turf Rewards website, and points are automatically added to their account.  

New and upgraded Turf Reward offers for 2019

  • New: SS2-spreader
  • New: Replacement Beepol Hive
  • Upgraded drone to DJI Mavic Air
  • Upgraded Macbook Air
  • Upgraded iPad Pro
  • Upgraded Team Scout sprayer
  • Upgraded GoPro Hero 7 Black

Glenn Kirby, Syngenta Technical Manager, highlighted that many of the Turf Rewards offers have selected to improve Integrated Turf Management programmes and get the best results from the qualifying products involved.

“Using tools such as remote sensors and precision measuring devices can help with better decision making processes. Turf Rewards makes some of the latest technology readily available, without additional club investment.”

This season there is greater emphasis on ITM packages involving ICL nutrition and Syngenta fungicide programmes designed to optimise turf health and surface quality. Some popular products and combinations carry double Turf Reward points to multiply the benefits for customers.  

At West Malling Golf Club in Kent, Course Manager, Samuel Young, used his Turf Rewards to purchase a Team Scout precision pedestrian sprayer. “The sprayer is great quality and very useful, but it might only be used five times a year, so without Turf Rewards it would be difficult to justify the expenditure.

"It’s just a great and beneficial scheme,” said Samuel.

Dale Frith, Head Groundsman at Fleetwod Town FC, added: "Turf Rewards has enabled us to get some of those extra tools within our budget - all things you don't have to go and ask for to try and get approved."

New qualifying Turf Reward products for 2019

  • Ryder
  • H2Pro DewSmart
  • H2Pro FlowSmart
  • SierrablenPlus Pearl Turf Starter
  • SierrablenPlus Pearl Renovator
  • Ultimate Offer CalMag


Visit the new Turf Rewards website for the latest updates and information on the 2019 offers