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First FR321 use proves success in Scotland

Customer Insight
Steven Knaggs with FR321 box at Dumfries & County

Steven Knaggs, Head Greenkeeper at Dumfries & County GC, was the first club in the UK to order and use FR321 - the new one-box solution for autumn turf disease control.

Dumfries and County, known locally as ‘The County’, prides itself as one of the finest parkland courses in south west of Scotland.

Originally designed by Willie Fernie for its opening in 1912, then revised by James Braid in the late 1920s, along with extensive later tree planting. The greens were relaid to USGA spec in the 1990s, the quality of which remain a key attraction for the players on the course.   

FR321 box at Dumfries & County

Steven highlighted with frequently mild and wet weather conditions disease outbreaks are common in late autumn and he was looking for something that would keep the greens clean going into winter. “I liked the idea of the Heritage/Medallion mix, rather than Medallion on its own, as we still had a decent amount of growth.

"The weather was suggesting that we could be due an outbreak, so I wanted to get something down befroe it appeared," he reported.

“We always suffer from fusarium outbreaks at this time of year and can be quite difficult to keep on top of."

He pointed out the club already has a preventative fungicide programme in place. “The result has been no disease so far, two weeks in, and the colour response from Ryder is really impressive.

“We’ve used Ryder before and been impressed with the colour and the longevity through the winter.

"We also felt it gave us a head start in the spring, compared to previous years without it.”

Steven Knaggs with FR321 box at Dumfries & County

Steven (above) reported he would definitely look at this type of tank mix put together for a purpose again. He particularly welcomed having new combinations available at a time when options for approved fungicide programmes seem to be reducing.

“Some tank mixes with nutrient/biostimulants added with the fungicide and Ryder would be interesting, such as a summer or winter preventative mix,” he said.

Jamie Lees, ICL Technical Area Sales Manager for Scotland and the Nordics, added: “FR321 is an exciting new tank mix package that gives turf managers a new option in their disease management strategies.

"The benefits it brings are especially important during the challenging transition between choosing systemic or contact fungicide activity. There's a clear role at specific points in the programme," he advised.   

"We are delighted that Steven chose FR321 to fit in his programme, and even more pleased with the results he has seen.”

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