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NEW issue of Turf Talk out now - Download your copy

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Turf Talk - Issue 14 download
Download your copy of Turf Talk - withe the latest issue highlighting Syngenta support for Le Golf National; how Ryder has been working this summer and early season disease planning. Get your copy now.

The new issue of the popular Syngenta Turf Talk magazine is out now, with its insights into the science of turf management, along with initiatives to support and assure the sustainability of the turf industry and everyone who works in it.

Download your copy of Turf Talk here or click on the page images below


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  • Making light work
  • The science behind Ryder pigment development
  • How Ryder has been used this season
  • Strategic Disease Control
  • The importance of first spray timing
  • Targeting pathogen populations to manage risk

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With Le Golf National near Paris hosting the world's most prestigious golf tournament, Turf Talk caught up with Course Manager, Alejandro Reyes, to find out more about the challenges and the Syngenta support in creating the incredible experience.


  • Follow the experiences of some of the greenkeeper volunteers at Le Golf National
  • Find out what they’ve achieved
  • See the opportunities for women in greenkeeping

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  • Download your digital fungicide planning calendar
  • Award winning spray application tips
  • Improve accuracy and record keeping with then Turf App