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Picture and post a perfect autumn morning

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Autumn morning photo - Adam Turner

Picture this. The perfect autumn morning. One of the greatest pleasures of being a greenkeeper is that Golden Hour, as the sun rises and the team are all working in harmony, to get the course prepared for another great day's golf - before the players arrive.

Autumn morning photo - Glenn Kirby

It's that wondrous time of day, when all your work comes to fruition. And we'd like to capture those magical moments.

Imagine, dew on the ground; nature waking up; people and machines working tirelessly, and probably sprayers in action to get diseases protection in place.

The aim is to create a social media image montage that will illustrate and celebrate all of your passion and perfection to get everything ready, whilst players are still asleep in their beds.

Autumn morning photo - Gareth Roberts

It will make an awesome picture wall at BTME, featuring all the great autumn morning images from greenkeepers on courses across the UK. Then, the image will be available for all greenkeepers to use in their communications with members.

Let everyone see the pride in all you achieve.

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