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Disease Control
Daniel Lightfoot & Lee Strutt - BTME seminar
Daniel Lightfoot & Lee Strutt - BTME seminar

The BTME Continue to Learn seminar, Designing a Proactive Fungicide Strategy, with Syngenta's Daniel Lightfoot MG MSc and Lee Strutt MG, Course Manager of the Royal Automobile Club, has sold out of pre-booked tickets.

There is still some 'turn-up and watch' spaces available, but if you're not able to get to BTME you can now watch it LIVE on YouTube.


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CLICK HERE and set your page ready for the broadcast.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

2.40 – 3.25 pm

You can get the greenkeeping team together at the end of the day, and all watch to learn from the experiences and advice of Daniel and Lee.

And if you miss the LIVE broadcast, you can still catch up on the GreenCast or YouTube website.

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