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What to See at BTME

Syngenta stand 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming you to BTME. Come and see some of the exciting features and get a whole new experience to help tackle some of the key issues faced in today's turf challenge to keep players happy.

There's some whizzy augmented reality to play with, but you'll also get real help with managing turf.  

Ryder Cup focus

  • We did it! Celebration
  • Interactive video wall from the event
  • Hear The Volunteer Experience
  • See the quality of the Albatros Course
  • Find out What products Alejandro used where and when

Ryder colour

  • Augmented Reality experience
  • Virtual plot tour to show colour at different application rates
  • Suggested programmes and in-season advice
  • Quick tips do’s and don’t

Syngenta stand 2019

Register on the stand for your chance to win a professional light meter - to help manage your turf more effectively

NEW fungicide technology

  • See what’s coming for 2019 product plan
  • New SDHI mode of action and how it is formulated for Turf
  • Experience balanced and systemic movement

Disease Planning

  • Bringing fungicide strategy planning to life
  • Annual planning template to guide the use of the right product at the right time
  • Different management practices highlighted that increase stress and disease
  • Wall planner and brochure giveaway
  • Be among the first to try a new tool to help fungicide timing

Syngenta stand 2019

Bug Zone

  • Augmented Reality experience triggered by 3D bugs
  • Follow the fascinating life cycle of soil pests
  • Understand how to better achieve control