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  • Non-stop pitch renovation recovery

    Customer Insight

    It’s only a few weeks before pre-season kicks off demand for sports pitches all over again. That puts immense pressure on the grounds’ teams to renovate and recover surfaces, re...

  • Away with the fairy rings

    Disease Control

    In the latest BIGGA In Depth feature Glenn Kirby explains how Control of fairy ring demands a whole change in mindset to tackling almost any other disease in turf.

  • Overtake to get ahead of turf weeds in Ireland

    Product Update

    The new Syngenta herbicide, Overtake, now available for golf course and sports turf management in Ireland, gives the chance to clean out broad-leaved weeds in turf this season...

  • Get ahead of anthracnose

    Disease Control

    Anthracnose is one disease where pre-planning an Integrated Turf Management (ITM) approach to prevent outbreaks can pay huge dividends - but that needs to start in May, long bef...

  • Stress programmes assessed


    Trials using Hicure as a part of an ITM approach to managing turf stress have resulted in significant benefits to the consistent quality of greens through the season, reports IC...

  • GDD – What’s your number?


    Growing Degree Days are particularly effective because it uses temperature to track the duration that the PGR will maintain its effect on the turf plant. Now it has never been e...


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