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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - Two new GreenCast Teach-in videos


Two new GreenCast teach-in videos have now been published  to help users get the best out of the valuable historic disease chart information and the unique sprayer set-up calculators, which are available on the free turf management website. The videos, which form part of a series of easy to follow guides and tips, help access the wealth of information and explain how it can be used in everyday management to make more proactive decisions and actions.

Historic disease charts are an essential record of local risks and disease activity. They can be used to justify fungicide applications, and to help tailor future actions more accurately, to give greater protection against damage and preserve ultimate turf quality. The information covers all the key turf diseases, mirrored by similar historic records of weather temperatures and rainfall.

The sprayer set-up calculators, available in the GreenCast Application Zone, provide a set of powerful interactive tools to help sprayer operators to calibrate their machines quickly and accurately. It includes a range of tips and ideas for techniques and adjustments to assure sprays target the right place at the right time for optimum results and the best performance in maintaining turf quality.

The full GreenCast teach-in video series covers:

How to get started with the key features of GreenCastHow to use disease forecastingHow to use historic disease chartsUsing spray windowsHow to use sprayer set-up calculators

Click here to view the teach-in videos or click on Tech Notes in the menu bar at the top of the page, and then go to Podcasts