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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - Medallion TL User Trials


Medallion TL is the exciting new Contact+ fungicide from Syngenta, proven in trials and from users' experience to deliver fast, effective knockdown of turf disease – maintaining surfaces in great condition through difficult high risk conditions.
Like all Syngenta products, the introduction of Medallion TL has involved extensive user trials to gain full understanding of how it can be best used in practice. The experience of these user trials, organised and managed by Everris, has been instrumental in providing the professional levels of advice and support, as well as providing turf managers with the confidence in what can be achieved.
Click the golfballs and footballs on the map to share the experiences of some of the user trialists and find out more – including some Top Tips on how they will be using Medallion TL in the future.
The high investment in scientific research and development by Syngenta continues to introduce some of the most innovative new turf management products. Effective use of these products has revolutionised the creation of consistent high quality playing surfaces – for the benefit of turf managers, clubs and players.
Syngenta and Everris would like to thank all the trialists involved in the Medallion TL development for their time and giving other turf managers and agronomists the valuable opportunity to share and learn from their experience.