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Gaudet Luce wildflower area and course
Operation Pollinator highlights the positive work by greenkeepers to make golf courses more attractive to pollinators and players - and the huge contribution the industry makes to enhance the environment

A new short documentary video, produced by Syngenta to support its ongoing market research into youth and female participation, has showcased the work of Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Worcestershire. Premiered at the 2014 European Golf Business Conference in Barcelona. It is now available to view here.

Gaudet Luce Golf Club was built and operates with the needs of juniors in mind. The important aspect is the relaxed atmosphere, where the team, from greenkeepers to General Manager, have created a friendly environment, where juniors are encouraged to have fun.

"If we could offer any advice to other clubs, it would be 'just make it fun; make it appealing'. Go out into the local market to show people golf."

Rob Laing, Assistant General Manager, Gaudet Luce

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PGA Professional, Russell Adams, reported: "The set-up we have created for juniors getting into golf is based on skill tests and fun games. It takes them from complete beginner, to the point we now have England players.

"Not only are they having fun, but they are rapidly learning skills and a knowledge of golf that will keep them coming back to improve their game." Russell has spent over 10-years at the club, developing the coaching programme and working with local schools to get more children involved.

"The adult members all know that we are geared up to encourage junior golf. They all accept that and get behind it. They all want to go out and play in the club events with the juniors."

"I enjoyed the first class I took, and never looked back really. The atmosphere is great and everyone is really kind. You just have fun everywhere you go."

Emily Furniss, Junior Member, Gaudet Luce

The Worcestershire club hosts two courses totalling 27 holes; the main Phoenix Course and a purpose built 9-hole Hadzor course. The set-up of the Hadzor gives those who are just beginning to play the game a wonderful introduction to golf, and proves perfect for golfers short of time. All beginners, whether adult or junior, are encouraged to hone their skills on the Hadzor, before the move on to the longer course.

"Most of my friends were already playing and having fun at Gaudet Luce. I really enjoy all the facilities that are here, and the main course is really good too.

"The staff are all really laid back and friendly to you; they're not worried how good you are when you start."

Luke Mound, Junior Member, Gaudet Luce

Assistant General Manager, Rob Laing, further highlights there are lots of things going on at the club outside of golf, including a nursery, beauty therapy and a hair salon. They are all examples of activities that bring people to the site, and that gives the team a chance to get them involved in golf.

"If we could offer any advice to other clubs, it would be 'just make it fun; make it appealing'. Go out into the local market to show people golf," he advised. "Get them in schools and local health clubs. Just get a golf club in kids' hands in a fun environment."

How does Gaudet Luce GC engage with juniors?
  • 150 juniors in coaching every week
  • PGA Professional outreach to nine local schools
  • Club members encouraged onto the course with juniors
  • Junior Development Programme, tailored from beginners to Elite professional

Syngenta Head of Turf & Landscape EAME, Simon Elsworth, who presented the findings of the recently published study The Opportunity to Grow Golf: Youth Participation at the 2014 European Golf Business Conference, added: "The video brings to life what our golf market research is saying - young people need fast-track learning, affordable play, shorter courses and flexible facilities where they feel welcome and happy.

"Gaudet Luce is a great example of a golf club that is listening carefully to what its customers and prospective customers are saying. It's proof that golf clubs can successfully grasp the opportunity of youth participation and, in so doing, deliver long-term benefits for golf both as a sport and a business."

Further case study videos of golf clubs already successfully putting ideas into practice will be published in the Player Survey section of GreenCast.