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Women's Sport Week - Golf attraction

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Women in Sport Week
Women's Sport Week is geting more women and girls active in sport - but golf needs to stake its claim to get them out on the course

Encouraging more people to play golf is crucial to maintain a viable and sustainable industry for all involved. Women are hugely under-represented, but offer a great opportunity to get more people into the game and on the course.

Women's Sport Week (19 - 23 June) is encouraging women and girls across the country to get active and involved in all sports - and golf needs to show that its just as attractive as running, cycling, tennis or football.

Syngenta's initiative has pioneered a new way for golf professionals to teach women how to play golf, to get more enjoyment from their rounds and the fantatsic social aspects of golf club life. 

Encourage your wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, family and friends to play golf.  

Show them what can offer as a fun, friendly and easy way to start.

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If you Club Professional would like to get involved and get the benefits of the programme encourage them to get in contact.

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The recent international Women's Golf Day put women and golf in the frame, with playing its part in promoting the fun to be had, including Tyrrells Wood GC coach, Jo Taylor, and Dan Higgs at Walsall Golf Club getting their new players involved.

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Share the BBC ‘Get Inspired’ page to encourage anyone you know to get into golf