Broad-leaved weed control challenge survey

Product Update
Daisy in turf

What are the greatest issues you face for broad-leaved weed control?

Broad leaved weeds of turf

Spring is typically the optimum time to tackle broad-leaved weeds in golf and sports turf surfaces.

Yet year-after-year they’re back. Invasive weeds pose a persistent challenge to maintain high quality playing conditions.

The Broad-leaved Weed Control Survey will help shape the essential advice and support to achieve the optimum results with every treatment.

Turf sprayer operating

Syngenta is seeking a new solution to provide more reliable weed control, and we want your help to make sure it’s the best option possible – from weed identification, to application advice.

The broad-leaved herbicide, Overtake, is already registered for use in Ireland. Find out more about what it does and how it works.

04 XC Nozzles

Complete this survey for your chance to win one of six packs of Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles – designed to optimise foliar applications in turf, including broad-leaved herbicides