Daddys on the wing

Product Update
Daddy Long Legs - Crane Fly
Report any sightings of crane fly on the wing now, to help with better targeted treatment timings

Greenkeepers and turf managers are reporting a surge in daddy long legs, or crane flies, as leatherjacket larvae hatch.

Warm weather and moist soils are belived to have been particularly favourable for larvae moving to the soil surface to emerg as the adult stages. Egg laying will occur within days, with soil conditions conducive to the pest.

Glenn Kirby, Syngenta Technical Manager, advocates it is crucial to be on the lookout for crane fly activity, to best time any Acelepryn treatments that will target control of the early stages of larvae development.

Read his GreenCast Advisory blogs, and watch the Pest Tracker hotspots for insect pest activity in your area.

The more people that report sightings of adult activity on the wing, the better the whole industry can be at appropriate timing to tackle the pest where required. 

Download the seven step plan for best practice with Acelepryn