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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - Greens Committee Presentation

Product Update

All greeenkeepers and course managers recognise the need to remove Ryegrass and other corase grasses if they are seeking to present high quality fescue or Poa annua greens, or to manage fine turf fairways and roughs to look and play better. RESCUE gives you the opportunity to do this more easily, cost effectively and faster than conventional control measures - with no interuption in play.

To help you communicate more effectively with your Greens Committees and members, and to bring them onside with your efforts to improve the quality of their course, Syngenta has created a profesional powerpoint presentation that you can download to highlight:

  • The problems as they are
  • What you are aiming to achieve and where
  • The benefits of using RESCUE over conventional methods
  • How the RESCUE Programme works
  • What they will see and experince during the process
  • The end result

The Greens Committee presentation covers all areas around the course where RESCUE can be used; you can simply select the slides that are relevant to what you are looking to do to include in your presentation.

There are a number of photographs already included in the presentation to illustrate the typical problems and issues, but where possible you can replace these with pictures taken around your course.

The presentation will run in Powerpoint vs 97 onwards. Please click here to send an email if you have any questions on how to use the presentation or comments for further developments so that others may find it more useful in the future.

To start the 4mb download click on the image below: