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Product Update

Greenkeepers in Ireland now have full approval for the innovative multi-active Syngenta turf fungicide, Instrata. The new option provides a powerful combination of contact+ and systemic activity for turf disease control inside and out.

The official launch of Instrata in Dublin took place last week (31 March) at the prestigious Aviva Stadium, organised by Everris Country Manager, Colman Warde (below), and hosted by the stadium's Head Groundsman, Majella Smyth.

Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta Turf Business Manager for UK and Ireland, reported that with its fast-acting combination of actives, Instrata has become an integral part of most UK greenkeepers' disease control strategies, and would be a very welcome addition for Ireland.

"The combination of three actives, all working in different ways and at different points in the disease life cycle, ensures Instrata provides effective protectant and fast acting curative activity - making it a genuine all-round option at any time of the year," he advised.

"It has proven especially valuable during variable weather conditions in early spring and autumn, when the multi-activity and ease of use can ensure turf quality is protected in the most difficult situations."

Mr Lightfoot reported that in the UK, where Instrata is approved for use on all golf course turf, it had performed extremely well over the relatively mild winter this season, where persistent wet weather had enabled disease pathogens to develop on untreated surfaces.

"GreenCast disease risk records have shown turf in Ireland has been put under incredible stress by wet conditions, with stop-start growth during periods of mild temperatures and high disease pressure," he warned.

Instrata provides a combination of key actives, each with essential roles:


- protectant contactaction and resistance busting multi-site technology


- renowned contact+ activity to protect leaves and target disease spores in thatch


- cool weather systemicprovides lasting protection and cures disease inside the leaf all year round

Colman Warde, Everris Country Manager Ireland, highlighted greenkeepers and superintendents in Ireland have been eagerly awaiting the approval of Instrata. "Its unique multi-active properties will be especially valuable to protect turf playing quality in the typically changeable weather conditions.

"The instant contact protection of the leaf, plus hitting pathogens in the thatch and on the plant to reduce infection risk, can provide extended protection for exceptional long-lasting results," added Mr Warde. "No other turf fungicide could provide all these attributes and flexibility in one easy to use option."

The Instrata launch was held at the prestigious Aviva Stadium in Dublin, home to the National football and rugby teams, as well as a host of additional games, training and other events for near continuous use throughout the year.



Around 80 greenkeepers, agronomists, researchers and turf trade professionals attended the event, including a tour of the stadium, facilities and details of the impressive Desso pitch management of Head Groundsman, Majella Smyth (below) and his team.