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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - NEW - Turf Talk Spring-Summer 2013

Product Update

The new Turf Talk for spring/summer 2013 is now available to download. Packed with topical advice and information it will highlight some of the ways to prepare better turf surfaces and ideas to cope with tha challanges of the season, including ....

Managing water resources: keeping putting surfaces firm; water conservation; holding onto water for healthy root uptake and an alarming water warning.

Enhancing nutrition efficiency: reducing season-long fertiliser requirements; creatring cost savings from tee to green; saving on fairway mowing and improving course condition.

FEGGA conference report, from the Syngenta turf R&D centre in Stein, Switzerland: R&A focus on business sustainability; GEO Eco-label; Encouragijnmg players; identifying cost cutting and seeing science in practice - along with meeting Dr Louis Simard, Team Leader of Syngenta Turfgrass Research.

Get to know what your players want: with the experiences of Mike Bush at St Mellion Golf Club. Plus application advice on the new XC Nozzle range, including Top Tips from GreenCast and on-course ideas.

Finally, how to create and attractive environment on the golf course: with topical ideas from Bob Taylor of STRI.

Click here or on the image below to download your copy of Turf Talk.