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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - Proven peformance from Medallion TL user trials

Product Update

Gain from the experience of greenkeepers and turf managers who have taken part in Medallion TL user trials. Read what they have learned and benefit from their key tips for the coming season.

Click here on the image below to view an interactive maps of user trials across the UK 


Like all Syngenta products, the introduction of Medallion TL has involved extensive user trials to gain full understanding of how it can be best used in practice. The experience of these user trials, organised and managed by Everris, has been instrumental in providing the professional levels of advice and support, as well as providing turf managers with the confidence in what can be achieved.

Click here or on the images below to download a pdf copy of the report.


Syngenta and Everris would like to thank all the trialists involved in the Medallion TL development for their time and giving other turf managers and agronomists the valuable opportunity to share and learn from their experience.