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Product Update

The increasing use of artificial lighting rigs in football and winter sports pitches has transformed playing conditions through the season, with stronger turf growth and retained grass cover. The technology has enabled groundsmen to effectively counter the dark shadows cast by tall stands and stadia, as well as excessive wear in goalmouth areas.

And the results could be further enhanced by maintaining a Primo Maxx programme right through the playing season, advised Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson. "Primo Maxx improves the turf plants' efficiency to utilise available light. It increases the concentration of chlorophyll in the leaf and stimulates a denser turf leaf surface; which will act to make better use of both available natural light and supplementary artificial lighting," he said.

Pictured above with Alan Ferguson, Head Groundsman at the FA's St George's Park, who has pioneered resaerch into Primo Maxx use with lighting rigs, Simon also highlighted that the stronger plants and greater root mass stimulated by Primo Maxx further improve surface stability and wear tolerance, as well as the turf's ability to recover faster after play.

New research to further improve turf management in low light or shaded conditions has shown that Primo Maxx could effectively compensate for up to 70% reduction in light intensity and still maintain the same turf health and vigour as full sunlight. 

"Lighting rigs are a significant investment in capital cost and expensive electricity consumption. Improving the efficiency of their use and getting the best possible results in improved playing conditions is essential," he added. "Where the techniques continue to stimulate growth, Primo Maxx will ensure the energy is channeled into plant strength and turf quality."

Simon advocated that groundsmen should continue to monitor mowing clipping rates under the lights and adjust the Primo Maxx application intervals and treatment rates accordingly to match grass growth and maintain optimum plant health.