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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - TURF TALK - SPRING 2014 - DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW

Product Update


The NEW Spring/Summer issue of Turf Talk is now available to download. Simply click on the image of the cover below to get your copy.


Click here or on the cover to download your copy of Turf Talk

Turf Talk 2.25 mb


Inside this issue….

Coping with summer stress - the science and the practice

Business sustainability - working with the industry and the role of greenkeepers to ensure golf courses remain viable for the future

Women in golf - investigating ways to bring more people into the game, and the implication for greenkeepers

New turf research - looking at ways of turf enhancement to improve playing conditions

Resource management - making better use of water and nutrient inputs, to get more from less

Your invitation to Turf Science Live 2014 ….

PLUS ... Look out on GreenCast for publication of the full stories published within Turf Talk