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Product Update
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Hicure – Get the best to build turf strength this summer

Last week's on-line launch of Hicure gave the chance to delve into the technical details of amino acid biostimulants for turf, and the science behind how Hicure works to alleviate abiotic stress. 

Watch the  Hicure launch webinar here

Find out more about the essential role of amino acids to build turf strength and osmoprotectants to secure cell structure when turf comes under stress.

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Learn from the six years of science research and investigative trials that has developed the unique formulation of 18 amino acids in Hicure.

“The incidences of environmental stresses have become more frequent and more severe in nature with climate change. The role of Hicure is expected to become even greater in future turf management programmes.”

Get Glenn’s top tips on programmes and timings to benefit most from Hicure as part of an ITM approach to better turf quality all season long.

Watch the  Hicure launch webinar here


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