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It's Primo Time - See how to put your Programme together

Product Update
Daniel Lightfoot providing Primo Maxx II Snap Sot advice
Daniel Lightfoot answers all your frequently asked questions on Primo Maxx II, with a Snap Shot video of practical tips and useful ideas to help get the best from your programmes this season. Click on the link below to watch ....

With turf putting in a huge recovery boost after the cold, slow start to spring, grass growth is taking off.

It’s a time when many superintendents are also trying to make up for lost opportunities with spring renovations, and players are keen to catch up on missed rounds and games. Getting your Primo Maxx II programme in place now enables you to spend more time presenting better all round course condition.

It’s also a time when the Syngenta Technical support team is inundated with questions about Primo Maxx II. So to answer the key points Daniel Lightfoot has made a Snap Shot video - packed with essential information, quick facts and practical tips to plan your programme more effectively.

Spend tomorrow morning’s coffee break on a Primo Maxx II Snap Shot.


You get to watch it in your own time, when it’s most convenient. You can also share it with your team and with your management, so everyone knows what you are doing with the Primo Maxx II programme, and why.   

Primo Maxx II Snap Shot video screen opener

  • When would you start a Primo Maxx II Programme?
  • How often to apply, and at what rates?
  • What effect is Primo Maxx II having on the turf, and why can that help with enhancing turf quality?
  • How to manage tees, greens and fairways?
  • When to ease off the Primo Maxx II programmes at the end of the season?

And the most asked question: What is the difference between Primo Maxx and Primo Maxx II?

In fact, the answer to the last one is the easiest of all; not a lot! It was simply a formulation change, which has now ensured that Primo Maxx II will remain available for greenkeepers and turf managers for the future. “Otherwise, all the use patterns, its beneficial effects and economic and turf quality improvements it delivers have remained exactly the same,” added Daniel.


Starting a Primo Maxx II programme once turf is growing consistently, and you are seeing good levels of clippings in boxes, will have real beneficial effects in increasing turf density and wear resistance over the summer months, advocates Daniel.

“Furthermore, the rooting enhancement from Primo Maxx II use now will have a huge effect in drought resilience and keeping surfaces looking great and playing better right through the season,” he adds.