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Rescue - Marketing your Club

Product Update

With just one click you can now reach all the resources to help you make the most effective use of Rescue to remove Ryegrass and other coarse grasses from fine turf surfaces. Click on the relevant image to downlaod the information.

The Rescue Brochure

All the details on how Rescue can help remove troublesome Ryegrass around your course, and how to use it. Click on the brochure cover to download a pdf file.

The Rescue Grass ID Guide

Accurate grass identification is crucial to know what will be removed by Rescue and assess future management before use.


Your Questions Answered

Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, answers some of the frequently asked questions about how Rescue works and how to get the best possible results. Click on the image to download a pdf.


Still got a question? - click here to send Simon an email.

Rescue Greens Committee presentation

Help get the Greens Committee and members onside with your endeavours to improve their turf quality. Click on the image for more information and to download a presentation template.

Rescue Clubhouse Poster

To help communicate what you are doing to improve turf quality around your course with Rescue we have created a poster that you can download and print out to display in the clubhouse. Click on the poster to download, or email [email protected] for a larger version.


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