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Product Update

The explosive activity of the new Syngenta turf fungicide, Medallion TL, can now be viewed on-line, with a YouTube video clip showing just what happens when treated disease spores rapidly absorb water, to the point where they quite literally explode and are rendered harmless to turf.

View the clip direct - Click here

Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson reports the video clearly demonstrates how rapid mycelial growth of untreated spores can penetrate the leaf surface during early disease infection and cause damage to the leaf surface. "This highlights the importance of preventative application to stop spore germination.

"Medallion TL locks onto the membrane protein structures of specific selected turf disease spores. It triggers them to rapidly absorb water, to the point where they swell and burst. This happens so quickly there is no time for the spore to grow and infect the leaf, thus preventing damage to the leaf."

Dr Watson adds that importantly this activity on disease pathogens not only takes place on the leaf surface to protect against infection, but also in the thatch and at the soil surface to provide effective Contact+ results. "This can reduce the sources of infection and thus lower disease pressure and risk. It means that Medallion TL can offer quite exceptional long-lasting protection.

"We see this as a really exciting opportunity to develop new disease control strategies."

GreenCast now has a dedicated YouTube channel to view the latest videos from Syngenta - click here to access the site.