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Breaking Down Walls


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Guided by female golf initiative and the PGAs of Europe, Jenni has documented every step of her ground-breaking journey into golf as part of a wider #FalconerForeGolf campaign. The goal - to shine a light on the various challenges, questions and benefits that can be experienced by women and girls getting into the game, and ultimately to inspire a new generation of female golfers to enter the sport.

Starting her golf journey as a complete beginner, Jenni will act as an example to female golfers coming to the sport for the first time. With a wide-reaching and specifically non-golf social media and listener audience, she is ideally placed to help communicate the health, social and wellbeing benefits that golf has to offer, as PGAs of Europe Chief Executive, Ian Randell, explains: “Jenni will no doubt inspire women and girls to try golf across the UK, and this golf development activity model is one we hope to replicate in many countries, where local female ambassadors can be utilised to share these messages.

“In recent months and years, a great deal of publicity has focused on the opportunity to make golf more appealing to women, girls and families. Through my conversations will Alastair, we both recognised more needed to be done, at least initially, to understand the root causes holding women back from taking up golf. Only then can we make meaningful changes in order to positively impact female participation across Europe,” explained Ian.

Over the course of her journey Jenni has opened up about feeling nervous the first time she is due to play with a complete stranger, voiced her frustration at a lack of consistency in her game, but also expressed her sense of joy at being outdoors and the health benefits this brings.

Thoughts, insights and emotions experienced by Jenni and documented through regular social media posts and updates have provided Head Coach, Alastair Spink, further evidence of the challenges women face coming into the game, so often overlooked or not even acknowledged by established golfers.

“My MSc research revealed a side to golf we often don’t care to think about. The all-important first time – whether walking onto the golf course or into a clubhouse. This can be, and has been described by groups of women surveyed as both ‘terrifying’ and ‘male-dominated’,” explained Alastair.

“With the #FalconerForeGolf campaign, we have an opportunity to highlight these issues further, facilitate meaningful discussion and move closer towards the solutions necessary to redress the balance,” concluded Alastair.

Follow Jenni’s journey into the game of golf by visiting the PGAs of Europe website:

Jenni Falconer and the team