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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - The 'Ultimate Fairway' offer



Fairway to play

Golf courses can now manage fairways more cost effectively and provide better playing conditions with the Primo Maxx Ultimate Fairway Offer ….

Create the Ultimate Fairways

Greenkeepers now have the opportunity to make huge savings in fairway management costs this season, and create better playing conditions - thanks to a great offer from Syngenta and Everris that has brought the dream of Primo Maxx treated fairways within the financial reach of all golf clubs.

The Ultimate Fairway offer iprovides a season-long supply of the complimentary Primo Maxx plant growth regulator and Sportsmaster WSF High N water soluble fertilizer, along with a set of Syngenta Turf Foliar Nozzles to optimise application and specific use recommendations.

The application programme is designed to enhance the quality of fairway turf and course condition, along with easing management costs over the season. Sufficient to treat 18-holes over the course of the season, the offer includes 40 litres of Primo Maxx, 36 x 15 kg bags of Sportsmaster WSF High N and a set of 13 nozzles - making it a viable option for all clubs.

Everris' National Key Accounts & Development Manager, Ed Carter, believes the programme offers golf clubs significant savings over and above the purchase price of the products. "As we move into the growing season, the benefits associated with using Primo Maxx on fairways are extremely valuable.

Lower mowing costs

"The mowing requirement on treated turf may be reduced by up to 50%, leaving greenkeeping staff free to complete other essential turf management tasks. Reduced mower operating hours results in the use of less fuel and lower maintenance and repair costs, along with the potential to extend the working life of expensive capital equipment," he advised.

"However, the principal benefit is the improvement in the quality of the turf. As well as being more drought-tolerant, the denser, greener and more durable sward enhances the playing experience. This provides clubs using the programme with the exciting opportunity to increase player satisfaction, membership and revenue."

Balanced nutrition

Ed added that Primo Maxx is paired with Everris' Sportsmaster WSF High N - a new water soluble 35-0-14 fertilizer with a mixed Nitrogen source to optimise uptake and chelated iron for enhanced colour. "Sportsmaster WSF contains TMax technology, which improves nutrient uptake from the leaves and the roots.

"The tank-mix combination with Primo Maxx saves application costs and is designed to keep turf plants strong, healthy and looking as good as possible throughout the season."

The treatment programme will typically involve treatments with a tank-mix of both components at four to six week intervals.

The offer includes the following trio of products:

4 x 10 litres Primo Maxx

36 x 15kg Everris Sportsmaster WSF High N 35-0-14 water soluble fertilizer

13 x Syngenta turf foliar nozzles