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Greenkeeper discussion
GreenCast supports and validates greenkeepers' decison making

The exciting new look Syngenta GreenCast website now gives greenkeepers, agronomists and industry advisors faster and easier access to key information to manage turf more effectively.

The UK was the pioneer of the original GreenCast innovation and development of proactive turf management.  

The industry-leading website can help to time treatments more effectively, to help get the best possible results and the longest protection from every application and maintain better turf quality for players.

players on course driving

Syngenta UK & Ireland Turf Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, advocated GreenCast should be at the core of every club’s Integrated Turf Management (ITM) plan and an everyday resource to aid decision making.

“The drive for greenkeepers to deliver continuously better turf quality throughout the season demands a more proactive approach to turf management. Greencast provides the detailed information and practical support for their decision making,” he said.

“The new website’s design presents relevant details quickly, clearly and is extremely intuitive to use.”

Daniel highlighted the innovative GreenCast disease forecasting can play a crucial role in helping time fungicide treatments to prevent diseases, before damage to playing surfaces occurs. “It can also indicate when not to apply, so greenkeepers are using treatments only at the most appropriate time and getting the most cost effective results.

Daniel Lightfoot

“It is a key step in our philosophy to only use ‘as little as possible, but as much as necessary.” He added the site includes full details of complimentary ITM tools and strategies to be utilised in designing a truly sustainable turf management strategy.

Unique GreenCast historic disease and weather records, which can be accessed for any local area across the UK, can help to pinpoint potential high risk periods or locations to focus attention and efforts.   

The website conveniently holds all the company’s product labels, statutory advice details and recommendations in one easy to access point. The site also includes a new facility to search for appropriate treatments for topical specific issues or challenges being faced by turf managers. 

"A dedicated application zone provides practical tips and advice to improve the accuracy of all spray treatments, including better targeting of sprays to improve results and minimise the risk of environmental loss," added Daniel.      

The new website is also optimised to work with the GreenCast Turf App, a revolutionary tool for mobile phone and tablets to aid with turf spraying recommendations, application and record keeping.

Greencast Turf App

Daniel pointed out that GreenCast can be an extremely useful reference tool for turf students, providing all the background and information to support higher level turf education.

A new simplified registration will give free access to the whole website’s information. Once registered, the site will remember local positioning to ensure future visits are instantly relevant.