New Syngenta Turf App puts all essential info in your hand

Syngenta Turf App

The new Syngenta Turf App now includes a host of added features to help with everyday turf management decisions and enhance long-term planning.

Features for the new Syngenta Turf App include:

  • Disease & Pest ID Guide
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Product information
  • Tank-mix calculator
  • Application records
  • Support contacts

Launching the new Syngenta Turf App at the Turf Science Live event (8 July), the company’s Commercial Head for UK and Europe North West, Daniel Lightfoot, said: “It’s incredibly valuable to have all the information required to help make key management decisions readily to hand wherever you are.

“From a practical course managers perspective, the Turf App is a hugely beneficial tool for all spray applications and turf management decisions.”

Spray application on golf turf

A new Disease & Pest ID Guide provide a clear pictorial view of what to look out for, along with management notes of where and when problems are most likely to occur. It includes an in-depth strategy for the optimum Integrated Turf Management approach to each pest and disease.

Coupled to the ID Guide, users can simply select the target disease or pest for a full list of approved Syngenta control products. 

Within each of the product listings, there are full details of statutory labels, safety data sheets and technical guides, to ensure operators are always fully compliant with the latest regulatory information on product use.  

“It ensures operators always have access to the most up-to-date information instantly in their hand, wherever they are working,” reported Daniel. “The labels displayed on your phone are always clean and uncontaminated, compared to potentially handling old labels on part-used bottles in the store.” 

Daniel Lightfoot

Application records created in the Turf App enable full spray records to be quickly and simply created. Users can now add any company’s products into the system, including fertilisers and biocontrols, for example. Once any product details have been added, they remain available for future addition or reference.  

“Course managers or agronomists can create spray recommendations using the Turf App that can be emailed to sprayer operators or contractors. That eliminates the chance of error from misreading hand-written sheets or instructions,” he advised.

Operators can also access information and update details of any application direct, if they are logged into the course account.

One-time registration enables users to input all their facility details, spray areas, equipment and operators – which can be instantly imported into spray records – making them quick and accurate to complete.

The app’s innovative Tank-mix Calculator will also help operators complete the applications efficiently and accurately, by providing the amount of any products required to spray a given area and the appropriate water volume, along with advice on nozzle selection and sprayer set up.

Spray application on golf turf

“The fact that the spray records retained in the Turf App are allied to the label and product information within the system, alleviates the need to keep paper copies of labels in the office and ensures they are legally compliant.

“Digital tools have made a huge advance in supporting the skills and experience of turf managers,” highlighted Daniel. “Once you start to couple together the Turf App, with tools such as WeatherPro forecasting and the Primo Maxx II Growing Degree Day Calculator, for example, it creates a really powerful and practical integrated decision support package,” he added.

The new Syngenta Turf App is available free to download from the iStore or GooglePlay for Apple or android phone and tablet devices.