Stress programmes assessed

Watering greens

Trials using Hicure as a part of an ITM approach to managing turf stress have resulted in significant benefits to the consistent quality of greens through the season, reports ICL Technical Manager, Henry Bechelet.

His Hicure trials, at Harrogate Golf Club in Yorkshire, ran from June right through to December last year. “Built into the overall stress management programme we saw really great results, with excellent colour and turf quality,” Henry highlighted.

Henry Bechelet

He sees real potential in the integration of Hicure with other stress management practices, applied as part of a liquid feed or PGR programme, for example.

“We have looked at it in combination with Seamax, Ryder, Primo Maxx II and Greensmaster, with all the partners bringing extra elements.”

The research has indicated the importance of timing of applications. “Timing is everything. The application of amino acids at the onset of stress may be more effective,” he considered. “Pinpointing timings could get the most from the availability of short chain peptides in Hicure, amplified by partnering with products with the same stress avoidance objectives.”

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Henry reported the trials work does appear to confirm then 20 l/ha rate to be best through the growing season, with the 10 l/ha rate at other times.

“However, we do need to continue to do more work to test all the variables and refine the recommendations for the future,” he advised.

Mowing greens

“Stress mitigation is a huge subject, with so many interacting factors. Greens, in particular, are often on kept on the edge and exposed to high levels of stress on a regular basis during the season, so anything we can do to counter any additional stress can be beneficial.   

“Furthermore, some courses are managed under constantly stressful conditions, so that may influence when to tailor the application timings,” he suggested.

“Hicure is a really flexible addition into stress management programmes.”

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