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GreenCast in UK and Ireland - Qualibra fulfils players demands for quality


Dr Simon Watson of Syngenta believes results of the company's Golf Player Survey could be instrumental in helping greenkeeping teams to secure the necessary investment in the course and improving turf quality. Speaking at the 'Playing Consistent - Staying Consistent' semnar series last week (26 - 30 March), hesaid: "The findings of the independent survey are now freely available on the GreenCast website, in a format that greenkeepers can use with club secretaries and Green Committees to argue the case for investment in the course.

"It can help to focus efforts on key areas that really influence golfers' choice in where they play, and the satisfaction that will keep them coming back."

He highlighted that the new Syngenta wetting and water conservation agent, Qualibra, will have an important role in maintaining consistent playing surface quality this season. "The survey highlighted the adverse effects of Dry Patch on players' appraisal of both the smoothness of putting surfaces and visual appearance. Using a wetting agent programme through the summer will be essential to prevent and relieve the symptoms of dry patch, as well as make the optimum use of irrigation and water resources over the summer."

During the seminar Dr Watson (above) outlined the technical attributes of various wetting agent options, including the differing roles of penetrants and polymers. "If your sole intention is to move water away from the surface and you don't have any concerns about Dry Patch or retaining water in the soil profile, then a straight penetrant would be the best choice.

"If you are looking to retain soil moisture to improve the efficiency of water resources and optimise plant health, however, the polymers are the product of choice. But polymers, on their own, are limited in efficacy in getting water to where it's required, and holding it consistently and evenly in the soil profile."

With Qualibra the wetting agent components of both penetrant and polymer are combined and act in a complementary way. Dr Watson showed how the penetrant fraction delivers the water movement from the playing surface, which ensures it stays firm and playable, but also prevents soil becoming too wet and saturated. Furthermore, the penetrant helps to give a more even distribution of the polymer through the soil profile, which in turn enables it to hold soil moisture where it can be better utilised by turf roots.

"As an effective water conservation agent, it holds soil moisture deep and evenly that enables healthy roots to grow more vigorously and achieves more efficient irrigation use."

Dr Watson reported trial results have shown that Qualibra is more effective in getting soils back to optimum soil moisture and with significantly less irrigation than other wetting agents tested, but avoids holding too much water that could adversely affect turf health or playability.

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