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New look Operation Pollinator webpage offers fast sign up

Operation Pollinator web page
It's now easier than ever to sign up to join Operation Pollinator and help to demonstrate the positive contribution of golf and amenity sites for ecology habitat creation

A new look Operation Pollinator webpage is a portal to the wealth of resources that can help top make the most of the ecological potential of your club or site.

It also offers a one-click link to sign up and join nearly 100 clubs that are already part of the initiative.

Sign up today and help to take us over the 100 demonstrating the positive contribution of golf courses for the environment.

Joining Operation Pollinator is simply a chance to show the positive contribution that the amazing work of golf course and amenity sports turf managers makes in delivering enhanced ecological habitats for pollinators and other biodiversity.

Operation Pollinator is open to all clubs that are actively managing habitats to encourage bumblebees, pollinators and biodiversity; there is no set protocols or guidelines. 

Joining up enables you to freely use all the resources, ideas and assistance to promote what you are doing to your club membership, players and the wider community.

Operation Pollinator is not just attractive to wildlife - it can prove a real attraction and positive selling point to players and new members. 

Visit the new webpage here