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Operation Pollinator hits 100 Club milestone century

Bombus ruderartus
Creating wildflower habitats can make the course more attractive to golfers, as well as bumblebees and other biodiversity

The pioneering Syngenta Operation Pollinator initiative, to promote ecological habitat creation on golf courses, has hit over 100 clubs signed up in the UK.

That has created a massively valuable ecological asset for bumblebees and other biodiversity, as well as adding an extremely attractive environment for players.

Announcing the successful milestone in the Operation Pollinator development at BTME 2019 (Harrogate, 22-24 January), Syngenta Turf Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, highlighted:

"Golf courses provide ideal locations for habitat creation. With the right management these areas could provide ideal habitat for bumblebees and other pollinating insects."

“Operation Pollinator enhances the overall playing experience. The wildflower areas improve visual appearance and it creates valuable positive publicity for the club, and for the industry as a whole.”

Gaudet Luce wildflower area and course

Operation Pollinator is the culmination of more than 15 years research by Syngenta into the environmental management of habitats for bumblebees, butterflies, spiders, beetles and other insects.

The proven golf specific programme has been backed by a four years of trials by the STRI, support of independent ecologists and research on commercial golf courses across the UK to successfully establish and develop wildflower areas in out of play rough.

Daniel believes that even the most intensively of played golf courses can find space for environmental habitat creation, including out of play rough, behind tees and greens, on rough carries and alongside woodland or water features, for example.

“We now have positive examples of every type of course getting involved, at different levels,” he added.

“All the clubs are incredibly willing to share their experiences and advice through the Operation Pollinator network.

“With this approach, golf courses can deliver a net gain in biodiversity in out of play areas, whilst maintaining the level of inputs required to consistently produce top quality playing surfaces."

Operation Pollinator logo

Golf clubs and amenity spaces can now sign up for Operation Pollinator with a simple online form CLICK HERE.