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Wetting agent

Authorisation Number: 
Pack size: 
10 litres, 200 litres and 500 litres

Turf Rewards Points:

4 x 10 litres = 5 points

1 x 200 litres = 25 points

1 x 500 litres = 60 points

Activity Group: 
Wetting Agent
Mode of action: 
Penetrant and Polymer

QUALIBRA is a wetting and water conservation agent that has been developed to help in the management of water in turfgrass root zones, and to help prevent dry patch (localised dry spot).

Starting Qualibra wetting agent programmes earlier in Spring will aid faster recovery of turf quality. Find out more here.

The photo below was taken from our Qualibra fairway trials. Read about those Qualibra trials on our truf care blog here.

Qualibra golf course wetting agent

Tank mixing

See Art of Application: tank mixing sequence

Implementation particular terms

For best practice irrigate in with 2 - 3mm water immediately after application

Mixing and spraying

Use the Syngenta XC08 nozzle

Water volume

700 - 1000 litres / ha


Normally 2- 3 bar pressure using the Syngenta XC08 nozzle

  • In the event of a Toxic or Transport Emergency in the UK please telephone 01484 538 444 at any time

  • Qualibra is an exciting new concept in wetting agent technology. With Qualibra, water quickly moves away from the surface, and then is held more evenly and to greater depth within the root zone for better utilisation by turf plants.


    • Combines a unique and dynamic penetrant to move moisture, with a powerful polymer to hold moisture.
    • Qualibra has been designed with the ability to quickly move water away from the surface
    • Then hold moisture deeper and more evenly in the root zone



    • Maintain plant health and playing surface quality
    • Prevent damaging dry patch developing
    • Make better use of irrigation resources
    • Retain healthy root mass