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Registration Help Page

Registration Help

We are sorry to hear you are having problems registering for GreenCast.

Please try again and note the following.

1) When the form is submitted incorrectly all problems are highlighted in red text, describing how to correct the problem.
2) When the form is submitted incorrectly, the password you gave is cleared and will have to be re-entered.
3) If you submit the form with missing information to questions that are required those questions will have errors next to them.
4) You're username and email address must be unique, i.e. there cannot be any other accounts using those details. If this is the case, then please either use the forgotten password link on the login form to retrieve your login details, or use a different email address and password.

f you are still having issues please fill in our feedback form mentioning the problem you are having and include your telephone number so one of our staff will call you.