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Syngenta Grass ID Guide

Syngenta Grass ID Guide



The easy to use Syngenta Grass Identification Guide, produced in conjunction with specialists from the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), provides a quick and reliable means to accurately assess the main turf grass species.



The Syngenta Grass ID Guide is uniquely designed to help identify grass species in closely mown turf. Following a route of characteristic physiological features you will be able to determine the grass species present, and make a visual assessment of the sward composition.


The Grass ID Decision Tree on pages 8 & 9 tracks through a logical sequence of characteristics to quickly and accurately determine the species.



The Guide includes a set of novel, easy to remember visual icons (pages 6 & 7) of the key features to look out for with each species.


Designed in a format to keep with you during all turf assessments, identifying and recording grass species composition at different times of the year will give valuable practice and experience, as well as building a better picture and awareness of turf composition. Record patches of Ryegrass or other weed grass species throughout the season, to help prioritise treatment areas