Syngenta S-pac - Safe, Simple and Secure

S-pac is the innovative new Syngenta packaging designed to meet the needs of turf managers, amenity contractors and local authorities. The new S-pac brings greater efficiency, safety, security and environmental protection.

Key innovations of the S-Pac include:

No foil closure to remove, enabling easy opening and reduced exposure to contaminated material

More robust bottle construction provides safer handling

An ergonomic design with large handles for better grip

New knurly caps for easier opening with protective gloves

Smooth-sided bottles for easy rinsing

Watermarked label, embossed logo and tamper evident seal give assurance that it's genuine Syngenta product 


The Syngenta S-pac has been designed with a range of features to make packaging safe and easy to use - thus minimising risk of exposure or contamination of spray operators and the environment.


The S-pac is designed with practical features to speed up sprayer filling and operation. Faster operation means sprayer operators can cover more work in a day - ensuring the most timely application for greater efficacy and minimising disruption on the golf course.


Illegal counterfeit turf protection products create potential problems of poor performance, turf damage, failure to meet Health & Safety protocols and increased risks to operators.

The S-pac incorporates a range of distinctive features and covert security measures to assure customers that it is genuine Syngenta product in the can.

Syngenta Turf products available in S-pac include:

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ProductPack size
3 litres
3 litres
Instrata Elite
3 litres
5 litres