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Yellow Tuft

Yellow Tuft
Sclerophthora macrospora

Turf Disease

Small spots 1-3 cm in diameter of yellowed densely tillered plants with shortened roots, that are easily pulled from the turf (Plate 1).



Where is Yellow Tuft found?
Close mown turf, especially golf greens and bowling greens. In the UK yellow tuft has been observed mostly on Agrostis spp.



When is Yellow Tuft likely to attack turf?
During cooler, wetter months in spring and autumn.



Effects of Yellow Tuft
The tufts reduce the wear tolerance of the sward as they can be easily pulled out. Tufts can also affect playability by affecting ball roll and the aethestic appearance of the grass.



High Risk Situations

  • Soil saturation, flooding, poor drainage.
  • Low lying areas.
  • Cool weather conditions.
  • Moisture retentive turf surface.



ITM Solutions

  • Improve soil drainage.
  • If flooding occurs, pump off water if possible.
  • Promote active but not lush growth.


Fungicidal control

At present there are no fungicides with label recommendation for control of yellow tuft in managed amenity turf.