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Water Framework Directive - Your questions answered

The implications of the Water Framework Directive (2000/06/EC) have raised questions over the future use of pesticides in amenity situations. A number of residual herbicides have already been withdrawn, due to detection of residues in groundwater and rivers. The Crop Protection Association Amenity Group has answered some of the most frequently asked questions aimed at the amenity sector.

Click here to download the CPA Amenity Group WFD Q&A paper. It will ensure you are better prepared to answer any of the questions that may get raised by club managers, greens committees and members in the future.

The Q&A will also provide some of the practical tips and initiatives instigated to mitigate potential problems, and minimise the potential impact of the WFD on amenity management. Measures such as using the innovative low-drift Syngenta Turf Foliar Nozzles, pictured above, to ensure sprays hit and stay on the intended target, where they will have the greatest effect and minimal risk of environmental loss.

You will also find the Q&A especially useful in conjunction with the CPA Amenity Group guide for Best Practice when using pesticides in amenity situations. Click here to download a copy of guide.